Optimization of transportation fleets

You can optimize the performance of a transportation fleet if you measure and analyze all the complex data streams available.

CIM CATCH AI is Industrial IoT software that does just that.

The result is a 360-degree surveillance of your transportation fleet and optimization in places that you didn’t know existed.


Don't take our word for it

“With CIM’s serialization and inspection software, we can offer our customers a globally compliant and fully CFR21 part 11-ready solution.”

Henrik Just

Project Manager Serialization
Stevanato Group

“We have more than 150 vision solutions globally, so we must be spot-on in what we do. Now, we have a thoroughly tested vision platform which just needs configuring.”

Jan Bigum

Lead Engineer
Grundfos Production IT

“CIM is highly competent at integrating level three software with the reality of how the line is controlled – and this is no trivial piece of work to execute.”

Andy Cumming

Consultant in Manufacture Change


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