Turnkey Test Solutions lower Total Cost of Ownership


CIM has developed test systems for more than two decades and we work with everything from simple to complex devices, PCBA, final build, off-line and in-line testing. Our main conclusion is this: The more standardized a test system is, the lower the Total Cost of Ownership will be – simply because the Operational Test Costs are reduced during the test system’s lifetime.

Why test?

Testing adds value and reduces Total Cost of Ownership

We have developed test systems for more than two decades and have worked with everything from simple to complex devices, PCBA, final build, off-line and in-line testing. Our main conclusion is this: The more standardized a test system is, the lower the Total Cost of Ownership will be – simply because the Operational Test Costs are reduced during the test system’s lifetime.


Customized solutions from standardized components

We use flexible, reusable and reliable components when we build a test system. By combining industry standard software (National Instruments LabVIEW and TestStand) with our industry leading software products FlexStand, SeqZap and FACTS, we can develop and commission Automated Test Equipment hardware platforms from companies like National Instruments, 6TLand Keysight. All to meet your budget, technical, and requirement needs.


Monitor product quality in all production steps

FACTS is CIM’s Test Data Management system that provides an instant overview of your yield and process data. The easy-to-use web-interface can be accessed from anywhere, and it informs you of key performance and quality indicators like Cp, Cpk, Mean, and Distribution.

This results in a number of benefits:

  • Early warnings about production irregularities
  • Fact-based feedback to supply chain and production
  • Track and monitor process improvements
  • Direct production quality measurement using Cpk and Cp values
  • Personalized dashboard with drag-and-drop widgets
“Fundamentally, the FACTS system gives us an easy way of getting a quick overview of yield…”

Christian Wolf

Global Test Manager
GN Audio


Superior Tools for NI TestStand

As products get more complex, so do the software systems required to test them. Rather than employing/developing device specific code modules and test softwareCIM  FLEXSTAND for NI TestStand gives you the ability to decouple test features, measurement types and instrument specific drivers from the test sequence. CIM FLEXSTAND for NI TestStand adds functionality out of the box, saving you cost and risk in the test development phase. 


  • Operator Interface – Build one UI and reuse it for all your test applications 
  • Audio  Software for production testing of headsets, hearing aids and smart speakers  
  • Diversities - Product Diversity extended functionality and version control 
  • Test Framework - Simplify sequencing by using a Test Abstraction Layer 
  • User Management and Audit trail - Track your changes and user login 

The Infrastructure In Your Automated Test System

From Bench Top to Rack Based systems, from Offline to Inline systems, CIM offers yearlong experience in defining the right test platforms for our customer’s needs. 

Platform Elements and things to consider 

  • Power and Safety 
  • Thermal Profile 
  • Instrumentation Setup 
  • Scalability and Standardization 
  • Lead Time and Global Deployment 

 CIM work with partners, such as 6TL and NI in defining the best solution for you. 

  • 6tl08
  • ATE_Core
  • 6tl ate
  • 6tl inline
Test Instrumentation

The backbone in Automated Test Systems

Test Instrumentation provides the necessary test and measurement capabilities to and from your device under test. From precise low-voltage measurements to custom digital protocols, ranging from DC to mm Wave, our test instrumentation covers it all. Test instrumentation also includes programmable power supplies, electronic load devices, and other dedicated hardware which should be integrated into the test rack based on the test requirements. Instrument formfactor can be anything from USB to PCI, PXI to YAV to Box Instruments.

Test Fixtures

Test Fixtures and Mass Interconnect

Building a test system without a plan for how you will connect your instrumentation to your device under test (DUT) is similar to trying to drive your car without wheels. Your car may have best-in-class horsepower, but you aren’t going to reach your destination without wheels. Mass interconnects and test fixtures are where the rubber meets the road for automated test systems. After determining your instrumentation, the number of switches you need, and the location that your switches will reside in the test system, the next step is to choose a suitable mass interconnect system and design an appropriate fixture that seamlessly connects your DUTs to the rest of the system.


Automate your software test

SEQZAP is CIM's visual software tool for automating tests of software. It is independent of the development process and the current maturity level of your development department – SEQZAP is suited for companies who are new to quality control tools and for those using requirement management tools, test management tools and continuous integration tools.

This results in a number of benefits

  • Works with embedded firmware, web apps, and desktop apps
  • Easy to use for both software developers and testers
  • Requires no programming skills


Don't take our word for it

“Fundamentally, the FACTS system gives us an easy way of getting a quick overview of yield & process data. The use of scheduled reports, which are automatically send out on a daily basis, becomes very useful.”

Christian Wolf

Global Test Manager
GN Audio

“We have more than 150 vision solutions globally, so we must be spot-on in what we do. Now, we have a thoroughly tested vision platform which just needs configuring.”

Jan Bigum

Lead Engineer
Grundfos Production IT

“We cut the test time of our cabinets from five days to one day, making it feasible to increase production capacity. Now we can automatically test all of the functions of our products, which gives us a clear competitive advantage in the market.”

Michael Bove

KK Wind Solutions

“CIM offered a highly standardized solution instead of developing their own hardware and software in-house. This means that, over time, the cost decreases.”

Christhian Cardona

Senior Test Engineer


Contact our specialist in Test

Dennis Morini, Business Development Manager

FLEXSTAND Operator Interface

Tired of building one Operator Interface after another for your test station?

We were! So we decided to create a tool for easy development of User Defined Operator Interfaces. We created the FLEXSTAND OPERATOR INTERFACE.

After a short learning curve you can now create you own operator interface for NI TestStand for either Sequential, Batch or Parallel execution.

  • Easy and powerfull API for LabVIEW
  • Short development time
  • Short learning curve
  • User defined GUI
  • Embedded dialogs
  • Automatic resize of plug-ins
  • Language control
  • Easy deployments

Audio Device Testing software

With todays increasing demands for Personal Audio with new features and technologies, the task of creating an automated test environment for production, is not getting easier. Loudspeakers & Microphones, smart speakers, hearing aids, headphones, headsets and “hearables” are rapidly undergoing design changes, and new features and functionalities are introduced:

• Active Noise Control
• Movement and Bio Sensors
• Wireless connection

Just to name a few… This is where CIM FLEXSTAND AUDIO takes over. FLEXSTAND AUDIO is designed for Automated Production Test.

  • Signal generation and analysis library
  • System calibration
  • Analog input and output
  • Multiple hardware platforms supported
  • Configurable limits
  • View live data during test
  • Step types for NI TestStand